28-pin ZIF/ZIP/DIP IC Logic Chip Socket (TEXTDOL)

28-pin ZIF/ZIP/DIP IC Logic Chip Socket (TEXTDOL)
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ZIF sockets are commonly used on programming units and IC testers, or to simplify circuit development anywhere that frequent changing of a DIP integrated circuit is required. These are often used for chip programmers or when you need to test a chip without damaging it. Move the lever up and chips drop right in. Move the lever down to 'latch' the chip in place.

  • Fits upto 28 pin DIP chips.
  • Size: 15mm x 40mm x 11mm - excludes lever and pins.
  • Pins are 2.5mm apart.
  • Pin rows are 7.2mm apart.
  • Pins are 3.6mm long.

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